The Tewkesbury Shield 2014




1.    The date of the Competition:     Saturday May 3rd 2014

2.    Teams taking part:                      The Salisbury Diocesan Guild

The University of London Society

The Sussex County Association of Change Ringers

The St Martin's Guild

The Oxford Diocesan Guild

The Derby Diocesan Association

The Worcestershire and Districts Change Ringing Association

The Welsh Colleges Society

The Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

3.    The number of teams to be entered by each Association:  One.

4.    The time allowed for practice:   Five minutes.

5.    The test piece:                             A touch of Plain and Little Bob Royal (see below)

6.    The Judges:                                 Mark Regan, Nick Brown and Alistair Smith

7     The Programme: 11.00               Conductors must report to the Secretary in the Parish Hall to give details of ringers' names.

                                      11.15               The ballot for the order of ringing will take place in the Parish Hall.

                                      11.20               The first team will ascend to the ringing chamber

                                      11.30               The first team will start ringing. Competition ringing will continue until all teams have rung.

                                      16.45 approx  Adjudication and presentation of the Shield in the Parish Hall.

8.    Refreshments:                             The Touching Souls Tea Room and the Parish Hall will be open for refreshments throughout the competition.


368 Plain and Little Bob Royal

(composed by Alistair Smith)



P  1352749608

L  1462385079 S

L  1820496735

P  1248603957

L  1908274563 -

L  1785930624

L  1365748290 S


L  1452306978

P  1453627089 -

P  1564738290

P  1675849302

P  1678950423 -

L  1458637290 -


L  1238405967 -

P  1234586079 -

P  1352647890


P  1356729408 -

L  1426385079 -

P  1423567890 -


P  1254739608

L  1346285079

P  1342567890 -


P  1453729608

L  1236485079

P  1234567890 -